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  • Power Flushing

    Power Flushing

    Is your central heating system slow to heat up?
    Are some of your radiators partially or completely cold?
    Do your radiators need frequent bleeding?
    Is there black water coming from the bleeds and drain cocks?

    If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, then you may benefit from a power flush!

    At AGS we use high quality power flushing machines that are the ideal tool for cleaning heating systems suffering from a build up of sludge or scale. In addition, the process may even help reduce boiler noise associated with corrosion faults.

    Corrosion happens when metal gets wet – normally we would see it as red rust, however in an unprotected central heating system, black iron oxide is produced. This is commonly known as sludge and can form dense sediment in radiators and boilers, clogging pumps and reducing the flow of water through pipes and radiators. An advanced state of corrosion can be seen when black water is drawn from a radiator bleed or drain cock.

    Boiler noises can occur when sludge is in the system – bubbles are formed when scale is deposited on the surface of the heat exchanger. When the bubbles collapse, noise is heard – small bubbles cause a kettling noise and larger bubbles can cause banging noises.

    The high water flow rate combined with the inline magnetic filter dislodges and mobilises 80-90% of sludge and other deposits, which are then forcibly expelled from the system. The system is then filled with clean, treated water and then the system is returned to normal operation with the minimum of disruption and fuss.

    If you would like advice as to whether a power flush is the solution for you, then call us now!

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